Who I am

Andrei Winograd, sworn translator and interpreter.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and have completed postgraduate studies in Finance at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), in Capital Markets at Cândido Mendes University/Brazilian Futures Exchange and in Conference Interpreting at PUC-Rio.

I am a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (sworn translator) for the English language registered with the Rio de Janeiro Board of Trade (JUCERJA) under no. 185 and member of the Rio de Janeiro Association of Public Translators (ATP-Rio). I am a translator and interpreter to the State Courts of Rio de Janeiro, to the Federal Prosecution Office, to the Federal Prosecution Office for Rio de Janeiro, to the State Prosecution Office of Rio de Janeiro and to the Ministry of Justice Antitrust Authority (CADE). I also provide sworn and non-sworn services to non-government entities and to individuals.


I) Portuguese/English and English/Portuguese Translation

A) Sworn

Rates for “sworn” translations are established by each state’s Board of Trade (Junta Comercial). Ordinance (Deliberacao) no. 106 of the Board of Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (JUCERJA) sets prices per 1,000-character page, spaces excluded. Translation includes not only the actual text of the original document, but also (1) a standard introduction in which the translator is qualified in his or her official capacity and (2) a description of the original document (seals, stamps, headers, signatures etc.), including the reverse side.

Translations from Portuguese into English are more expensive than from English into Portuguese. Texts (i) which are highly complex or difficult to read (deficient grammar or spelling, covering more than one technical specialty, partially illegible etc.) are more expensive than (ii) “special” ones (contracts, patents, texts of a medical, engineering or legal nature, university documents and school transcripts etc.), followed by (iii) “regular” ones (birth/death/marriage certificates, ID cards, driving licences etc.).

This is the current price list issued by Rio’s Board of Trade (JUCERJA) (*):



Regular EN > PT translations


Special EN > PT translations


Highly complex or difficult to read EN > PT translations


Regular PT > EN translations


Special PT > EN translations


Highly complex or difficult to read PT > EN translations


The Board of Trade’s price schedule is based on a ratio of two pages/business day. Faster work entails a surcharge of 50% on the applicable rate. If the deadline requested by the client makes it necessary for the translator to work outside normal business hours (at night, during holidays or weekends), the surcharge goes to 100%. Regardless of the deadline, additional copies of any translation cost 25% of the original price if requested jointly with the initial translation or 50% if requested later.

The quantity of pages, and thus the final price, are calculated based on the final text (in Portuguese or English, as the case may be), so  that the actual price can only be known after the work is done and the final cost of the translation may vary significantly in relation to any budget provided.

I need to see the documents you wish to have translated. Please send images, front and reverse sides, and I will provide a price estimate and additional information.

* Rates and the number of characters per page may be altered at any time by JUCERJA. Applicable official figures will always prevail over those shown above.


B) Non-Sworn

Rates for non-sworn services may be freely negotiated. I use as reference the rates indicated by the National Translators Union (SINTRA; in Brazilian currency): 45 cents per word for English > Portuguese and 57 cents per word for Portuguese > English, which will be adjusted – generally downwards – based on the peculiarities of each job.

II) Interpreting

Most scholars consider there are two modes of interpretation. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter quietly listens to the speaker for a certain period of time, a few minutes, and then, facing the public, reconstructs the speaker’s discourse in another language, probably using notes for help, while the speaker remains silent, one speaking consecutively to the other. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter, seating in a closed booth equipped with a sound transmitter, speaks at the same time with the speaker so that his rendition of the original discourse can be heard by whoever uses a receptor.

Certain scholars recognise a third mode, whispered interpreting. This is a variation of the simultaneous mode: the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker, in a low voice, right next to the ear of the listener, without the use of any equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting is the mode typically used in conferences, thus often being  also referred to as conference interpreting. The consecutive mode is used in smaller events or if the transmission/reception equipment fails.

A) Sworn

Sworn interpreting usually occurs in the consecutive or whispered modes, for instance, in court hearings, weddings and during the execution of deeds or notarised instruments of any kind. As with sworn translation, interpreting is also regulated by JUCERJA through the aforementioned Ordinance no. 106.

The rate is R$380 per hour counted in quarter-hours as of the time officially set for the beginning of the event, with a minimum fee equivalent to one full hour. Each additional quarter-hour costs R$100. If services are provided outside business hours, the hourly rate will be increased by 50%.

If services are not performed and the interpreter is dismissed less than four hours prior to the event, an amount corresponding to 50% of the applicable fee will be owed based on the expected duration of the event. If the interpreter is dismissed more than four hours prior to the event, the client will be charged for the 1st interpretation hour. In any circumstance, a minimum fee equivalent to 1st full hour (R$380) will be owed, even if the interpreter was dismissed more than four hours prior the event or if the event lasted less than one hour.

B) Non-Sworn

For non-sworn interpreting services I again use as reference the rates indicated by the National Translators Union:


ModeWorkdayNumber of interpretersRate in R$ per interpreter per day
1. SimultaneousUp to 6 hours (indivisible)2 interpreters1870.00
SimultaneousUp to 1 hours1 interpreter2314.00
1 additional hourIncrease until the 7th hour or fraction thereof467.50
2 additional hoursIncrease until the 8th hour or fraction thereof935.00
2. Consecutive (conference)Up to 2 hours1  interpreter2314.00
3. Escort (IN THE FIELD)Up to 6 hours (indivisible)1 interpreter1870.00

ATTENTION: The client is solely responsible for leasing all equipment required for simultaneous interpreting and/or for engaging additional interpreters. The National Translators Union may alter its rates at any time and its new rates will automatically supersede these above.


ModeWorkdayNumber of interpretersRate in R$ per interpreter per day
RSIUp to 1 hour1 interpreter2475.00 to 2750.00
RSIUp to 3hours (indivisible)2 interpreters1710.00 to 1900.00
RSIUp to 6 hours (indivisible)2 interpreters2250.00 to 2500.00
RSIUp to 8 hours2 interpreters3150.00 to 3500.00

Professional experience

I passed the public examination for certification as Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter organised by the Board of Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2009 placed 3rd in the overall ranking for the English language, with the highest grades for Portuguese/English translation and with top marks for the oral examination. Since 2010, I have been providing Portuguese/English and English/Portuguese sworn or non-sworn translation services and consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services.

From 2009 to 2011, significant projects as independent consultant:

  • Gestora de Recebíveis Tetto Habitação S.A.: ombudsman and advisor on the creation of a quality management system as per ISO9001:2008 rules;
  • Catisa Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda.: economic feasibility analyses for the 290 million real Blue Center and Royal Blue real estate projects in Rio de Janeiro and general financial advice;
  • Limpa Energias: economic feasibility analysis for a pilot solar power plant.

From 2005 to 2008 at Gestora de Recebíveis Tetto Habitação S.A., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As CFO, I led a team of 12 professionals and was responsible for all treasury, accounting and quality management activities.

From January 2002 to February 2005, significant projects as independent consultant:

  • quality assessment of the financial assets of PRECE, pension fund of the employees of Rio de Janeiro’s government-owned water and sewage company
  • reorganisation of the Finance Department of POSTALIS, pension fund of the employees of Brazil’s Post Office
  • quality assessment of the investment management of PREVI, pension fund of the employees of Banco do Brasil
  • advice to US based CMS Energy in the economic evaluation and divestiture of its electricity distribution assets in Brazil
  • study (written in English) on the scarcity of credit for small and medium enterprises in Brazil for DAI Brasil, local affiliate of US consulting company Development Alternatives Inc. – DAI
  • assistance to the University of Maryland in its field study on credit sources for small and medium companies in Brazil
  • financial modeling of the 700 million real Ceará Steel Project
  • lecturer of Financial Management and Transparency in the postgraduate course on Strategic Management for Non-Governmental Organisations offered by Faculdade Salesiana of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

From 2000 to 2001: Fundação Sistel de Seguridade Social, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As Control Superintendent of the pension fund of the employees of Brazil’s then largest telecom company, Oi, I led a team of three professionals and answered for the organisation in the absence of the CEO. I was a member of the Committee that decided the organisation’s investments and strategic planning. I was responsible for daily control of (i) cash flow, (ii) compliance with federal and institutional investment rules and policies, and (iii) levels of risk and return of a two-billion-real investment portfolio. I also served as a Sistel-appointed director in a holding company of which Sistel was a shareholder.

From 1999 to 2000: Banco BRJ S/A, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As Assistant to the CEO, I was a member of the Executive Committee that decided the bank’s investments and was responsible for daily control of cash flow. I also helped prepare a 550-million-real debt restructuring plan.

From 1995 to 1999: Worldinvest Empreendimentos, Consultoria e Participações Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As Manager and later Partner, I led a team of three analysts and was responsible for project/company economic appraisal. Some significant projects:

  • appraisal of the one-billion-real Ferronorte railway project;
  • appraisal of the 500-million-real Ferronorte/Novoeste railway merger;
  • appraisal of the 200-million-real Fepasa railway company privatisation.

From 1996 to 1997, in addition to my usual duties at Worldinvest, I served as Chief Administration Officer of Ouromin, a mining company of which Worldinvest was a shareholder in partnership with foreign entrepreneurs. I was in charge of organising the company and managing its funds and resources.

From 1991 to 1995: Banco BRJ S/A, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As Assistant to the Board of Directors, and in co-operation with other institutions, I worked as an advisor to the National Privatisation Programme in the privatisation of the federal railway network (RFFSA) and of computer manufacturer Cobra Computadores.

From 1989 to 1991: Senso Stock Brokers Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As Intern, Analyst and Head of the Technical Department, I was responsible for providing research input for managers of the house and of client portfolios.


Books (in Portuguese)

Você não nasceu sabendo

Author. São Paulo: Ed. Matrix, 2010

How many stars can a hotel have? Where do the exhaust fumes of submarines go? Find the answers to these and other mysteries of the universe.

Alfabetização Financeira (Esgotado)

Author. São Paulo: Ed. Novatec, 2009

Does my income really support my lifestyle? Is it better to pay cash or to buy on the installment plan? Alfabetização Financeira teaches the reader how to answer these and other questions, giving the knowledge one needs to manage one’s domestic budget and to make intelligent economic & financial decisions. Basic operations with percentages, accounting concepts and financial mathematics are explained in simple language and with numerous examples, without the need for any previous technical knowledge. The book includes an Excel spreadsheet as a tool for budget construction and control.

(F)utilidades – mistérios do dia-a-dia explicados

Author. São Paulo: Ed. Matrix, 2006

Do laser printers really have lasers? Why does the minute have 60 seconds? And why does the day have 24 hours? (F)utilidades answers, in a light hearted way, these and other enigmas of daily life.

Regulamentação das microfinanças

Co-author, with Paulo Haus Martins and Renata de Carvalho Salles. Rio de Janeiro: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2002.

Sistemas de informação para microfinanças

Collaborator, with Marcos Alberto Neme Ferreira. Rio de Janeiro: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2002.

Computer systems for microfinance institutions

Articles (in Portuguese)

A melhor cadeia do mundo

Published in August 2010 in Superinteressante magazine.

A maximum security prison in Norway whose cells have flat screen TVs and mini fridges. Read all about it here.

Custo de carregamento

Published on 13 March 2009 in the Investmaníacos website.

We usually don’t realise that our financial decisions always entail an inherent opportunity cost. Enlighten yourself here.

Preços relativos

Published on 10 March 2009 in the Dinheirama website.

Is it cheap or is it expensive? That depends. Educate yourself here.

Condições legais para o funcionamento de entidades intermediárias de microcrédito (apex institutions) no Brasil

Co-author, with Paulo Haus Martins. Annals of the II Central Bank Seminar on Microcredit. Belém, 2003.

Legal conditions for the operation of microcredit ‘apex institutions’ in Brazil? Get bored here.

Interviews (in Portuguese)


* Free translation of the original testimonials in Portuguese


I frequently use Andrei’s professional services. Andrei has great technical knowledge in legal matters, especially in translating legal jargon into English. Andrei is able to choose words and to organize text skillfully and accurately and his translation services are efficient and fast.

Marcus Francisco

Partner, Villemor Amaral Advogados - Client since 2012

Our Firm has been Andrei Winograd’s client for almost 10 years. He has always provided very fast, efficient and high quality services. I vouch for him and recommend his services.

Rafael Borges

Partner, Nilo Batista & Advogados Associados - Client since 2012

Our company regularly employs the technical text translation services provided by Mr. Andrei Winograd – Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter. We believe the speed and technical knowledge of Mr. Andrei Winograd’s professional services were very important for the success of the translation process, especially because our texts and reports involve significant technical knowledge, essential for their proper understanding.

Robson Garcia

Partner, Boris Lerner & Garcia Serviços Contábeis - Client since 2012

I rely on Andrei’s work because he takes special care with the accuracy of words; he is not only a great translator but a talented professional of language and culture.

Julio Dubeux

Partner, Veirano Advogados - Client since 2013

The company I manage uses Andrei Winograd’s services; years ago I noticed the quality of the translations into and from English our law firm provided and asked for his contact info. I am a bilingual Brazilian and US national with a bachelor’s degree in Portuguese and English (Brazil) and a master’s degree in Linguistics (US), which allows me to say that the texts we receive are impeccable, of extraordinary quality and priced fairly.

Marilia Longo Painter

Country Manager - Brasil, Teledyne Marine - Client since 2013

Andrei’s work for Statkraft over these 6 years shows him to be a professional with the unique skills our company requires and able to provide reliable and high quality translations.

Ariane Rodrigues

Counsel, Statkraft Energia Renovável S.A. - Client since 2014

Andrei is an invaluable service provider to our firm, always ready to provide very high quality, fast and reliable services.

André de Luizi Correia

Partner, Correia, Fleury, Gama e Silva Advogados - Client since 2017

We were looking for a translator and fortunately found Andrei’s contact info at the website of the Board of Trade of Rio de Janeiro. He was very fast and courteous right at the first contact. Andrei does all our translations and, happily for us, delivers his translations ahead of time without compromising their quality. We strongly recommend his services.

Lucas Bourroul

Counsel, Eletronet - Client since 2017

It is a pleasure to work with somebody as reliable as Andrei. He is always attentive, courteous and dedicated. His translations are very fluent and accurate and very often seem to have been written directly in English.

Fernanda Coachman

Lawyer, Ferro, Castro Neves, Daltro & Gomide Advogados - Client since 2019

Poor legal translations are one of the worst nightmares of lawyers working with foreign investors. Since I began using Andrei’s services more than 10 years ago, I never had that problem again. His translations are carefully and skillfully made in more than reasonable times. I strongly recommend him!


Carla Steinberg

Lawyer, Lefosse Advogados – Client since 2021


Andrei Winograd

[email protected]
R. Gomes Carneiro 66/701
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 22071-110,
Primary phone: +55-21-985-414-223
Alternate phone: +55-21-976-670-638

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