I) Books (in Portuguese)

Você não nasceu sabendo
Author. São Paulo: Ed. Matrix, 2010

How many stars can a hotel have? Where do the exhaust fumes of submarines go? Find the answers to these and other mysteries of the universe here.

Alfabetização Financeira
Author. São Paulo: Ed. Novatec, 2009

Does my income really support my lifestyle? Is it better to pay cash or to buy on the installment plan? Alfabetização Financeira teaches the reader how to answer these and other questions, giving the knowledge one needs to manage one’s domestic budget and to make intelligent economic & financial decisions. Basic operations with percentages, accounting concepts and financial mathematics are explained in simple language and with numerous examples, without the need for any previous technical knowledge. The book includes an Excel spreadsheet as a tool for budget construction and control. Save yourself.

(F)utilidades – mistérios do dia-a-dia explicados
Author. São Paulo: Ed. Matrix, 2006

Do laser printers really have lasers? Why does the minute have 60 seconds? And why does the day have 24 hours? (F)utilidades answers, in a light hearted way, these and other enigmas of daily life. Have fun.

Regulamentação das microfinanças
Co-author, with Paulo Haus Martins and Renata de Carvalho Salles. Rio de Janeiro: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2002.

Regulation of microfinance in Brazil Download here (pdf).

Sistemas de informação para microfinanças
Collaborator, with Marcos Alberto Neme Ferreira. Rio de Janeiro: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2002.

Computer systems for microfinance institutions Download here (pdf).

II) Articles (in Portuguese)

A melhor cadeia do mundo
Published in August 2010 in Superinteressante magazine.

A maximum security prison in Norway whose cells have flat screen TVs and mini fridges. Read all about it here.

Custo de carregamento
Published on 13 March 2009 in the Investmaníacos website.

We usually don’t realise that our financial decisions always entail an inherent opportunity cost. Enlighten yourself here.

Preços relativos
Published on 10 March 2009 in the Dinheirama website.

Is it cheap or is it expensive? That depends. Educate yourself here.

Condições legais para o funcionamento de entidades intermediárias de microcrédito (apex institutions) no Brasil
Co-author, with Paulo Haus Martins. Annals of the II Central Bank Seminar on Microcredit. Belém, 2003.

Legal conditions for the operation of microcredit ‘apex institutions’ in Brazil? Get bored here.